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Services Manager - Chief Innovation Officer in Tech forecasting
- Scottish Honours in Electrical Engineering (Dundee)
- MSc & Diploma (Imperial)
- Certificates in Marketing & Management (LSE)
- Majeures Ingenieur (Ecole Polytechnique, 7eme Cie X99)
- Classe Preparatoire (Maths Sup-Spe, Physique MP)
- PhD in KM and KDD at N.T.U of Athens (Medialab)
- Certified Compuware Process Consultant (IT Governance Evangelist)

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INTELEN Portal :
EMIR (My PhD - patented Web Services) : EMIR

TEI of Athens Career Days TEI of Athens Career Days Greek Web-EIS Case Study (EMIR) IT Governance Application Performance Management

Innovation is REAL Oikopolis Article PLUGME in !!!

---> EMIR DESCRIPTION using a Patended Method for on-line Customers Ranking

Google - Matlab Location Based Services in ENERGY@EMIR

TEE Publication (HAARP) TEE Publication Enviro IT (Greek) TEE Publication Energy KM Energy 2007 Conference Presentation

Emir PSM 2007 Presentation EMIR Method Case Example Energy Location-based Services in Athens EMIR Technical Analysis and Algorithm

ENERGY LOCATION-BASED SERVICES (E-LBS) for Geo-Corellating Energy Customers

i-Tech Partnet Presentation of EMIR

Download EMIR Flyer HERE

Holder of Patent Appl. 20060100249 with title :
A web-based Energy Search Machine and Decision Support System for optimal management and cost estimation of energy sources

Holder of Patent Appl. 20060100287 with title :
A web-based system to implement energy transactions and energy load commerce for home users through automatic energy management and energy credit-coupons

Multimedia Technology Laboratory (Medialab)
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
Tel/Fax : +30 210 772 2538

Medialab Forum Server:
Medialab e-learning Server:

Project E.M.I.R.

Energy Management & Intelligent Reporting - E.M.I.R. (Patended)

A fully web-based Energy Information System (Portal) for the Greek Sector. Integrated IDMR (Intelligent data management and Reporting) modules in order to predict, optimize, report graphically, and guide all the key players in the new Energy Market....Knowledge Engineering applied on Energy loads....Applied J2EE and Matlab Servers with Matlab Server Pages (MSP). An advanced web-based Decision Support System for on-line Energy Management.

"Distributed Hypercubic Knowledge Isomorphic Grids is the Future. Human reasoning needs a bending simplicial complex topology to be modeled and explain the human stochastic sequencies. Future knowledge banks will use distributed interconnecting semantic centroids. Knowledge differential topology and semantic locus visualisation is the next step in AI and the next step in my research..."

The above concept will be used for my upcoming patented EMIR system for intelligent and bi-directed Internet-based Energy Transactions in the Greek opened Energy Market (IETS). Medium and Low-voltage customers will be able to perform "Data Mining" over the Internet to their load and effectively "play" and "gamble" several energy prices and Internet-based contracts.

(NEW)--> KEPA University of Athens Conference Findings 2008 (INTELEN)

IT Governance Article in Netweek

Intelen PILOT in Demand-Side Energy Management

Building Commissioning and Energy Management

Transports Energy Management

ENERGY GOVERNANCE Article from NetWeek

Adaptive Energy Information Systems EMIR & Google LBS

Energy Services over BPMN Models

Energy Governance using EMIR - EnergyRank

EMIR Progress Report Sustenergy EU

Measure live KWh over ADSL using EMIR Portal

(NEW)--> GSRT EMIR Publication 2008 @ E&T Bulletin

(NEW)--> INTELEN R&D Group Letter of Statement

(NEW)--> EU Candidature for European Energy Forum 2007

(NEW)--> Best New Scientist in Greece from STATUS Magazine 2007 !!

Google Maps-based Location Based Services in ENERGY@EMIR

-> Download FULL ENERGY 2007 Presentation in Business Forum (English)

-> Cooperation Memorandum with INTELLISOLUTIONS SA (English)

-> Download FULLEMIR PSM Conference 2007 Presentation (English)

-> Download COMPLETE EMIR Technical & Functional Analysis (English)

-> Download RESEARCH PAPER on EMIR from psdmh Conference 2007 (Greek)

-> Download full EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Greek)

-> See basic EMIR TOPOLOGY including Matlab Server Pages (Greek)

-> See basic EMIR TELEMETRY TOPOLOGY including Matlab Server

Saving Meeting 2006 (Greek)

-> See EXTENDED PAPER for T.E.E. Energy
Saving Meeting 2006 (Greek)

-> See FULL EMIR POSTER for T.E.E. Energy
Saving Meeting 2006 (Greek)

-> See FULL RESEARCH PAPER for Energy 2006 Conference (English)



Download Energy Intelligence Article (Greek)

Download Information Intelligence Article (Greek)

-> The system is protected under two Patents @

-> Download EMIR Summary for ENERGY 2006 (Greek) by clicking HERE
-> Download EMIR Summary for PSDMH Conference 2007 (Greek) in HERE

-> EMIR System will be presented at ENERGY 2006 Conference !!

-> Download official EMIR Presentation (Greek) by clicking HERE

-> Download official EMIR Flyer (Greek) by clicking HERE
-> Download official EMIR Poster (Greek) by clicking HERE
-> See Basic E.M.I.R. Architecture by clicking HERE

-> EMIR is the future wireless Web-based Energy Stock-Market

..........EMIR Output Sample EMIR Output Sample


........ EMIR Presentation from V.Nikolopoulos EMIR Presentation from V.Nikolopoulos
EMIR Presentation from V.Nikolopoulos EMIR Graphs SnapShots Examples

.........EMIR PRESENTATION AT ENERGY 2006 CONFERENCE from V.Nikolopoulos

Selected Publications
Executive SEMINARS

Join NOW my Executive Seminar Programs at Medialab NTUA

-> (NEW) Download ETHNOS ERGASIA Article for Adaptive Training
-> (NEW) Download ETHNOS ERGASIA Article for Interviews

-> ChangePoint v.11 from Compuware and IT Governance
-> Business Process Modeling by using ChangePoint
-> Balanced Scorecard Methos by using QPR
-> E-engineering, e-commerce
-> Enterprise Knowledge Management and KDE
-> Business Intelligence
-> Complex Web Information Systems
-> IT Management (ITIL, CoBIT, PRINCE2)
-> Optimal IT Project Managemet (Boehm, COCOMO II)
-> Semantic Modeling and Multivariable Ontology Control in ITIL Project management

Research Areas

-> IT Governance and Corporate Memories
-> Memories4Life

-> Hypercubic Isomorphic multidimensional representation of Human Knowledge
-> Symmetric and Non-symmetric Knowledge Grids
-> Advanced Knowledge Engineering and Computability Topology
-> Ontology representation and space Duality
-> Web-based Information systems and closed-loop Web services
-> Web-based intelligence and web feedback systems
-> Knowledge Differential Topology and Simplicial complexes
-> Decision Support Systems and NP decision Algorithms
-> Web-based control systems and optimal data management
-> Data mining, Business Intelligence and applications
-> Advanced Information systems and Management
-> Optimal Decision support systems and analysis
-> Non-linear Data bases and abstract knowledge representation
-> Wireless wearable Intelligence and Ambient computing
-> Quantum phenomena in real knowledge representation and Human reasoning
-> MATLAB Web integration and Matlab Server Pages for effective web intelligence

Scientific Publications
  • (ΝΕW) "Optimal Energy and Demand-side Management with Location-based Services and Adaptive Data Mining Algorithms using an innovative web-based Energy Information System (EMIR)", Mr. Vassilis NIKOLOPOULOS, PhD Candidate, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Mr. George POLYMENOPOULOS, Mechanical Engineer MSc, HELESCO SA, Greece, Prof. Vassilis LOUMOS in Prometheus Energy Conference , KEPA Univ. of Athens, GREECE
  • (ΝΕW) "Dynamic Modeling of Energy Services using the BPMN Notation and EIS", George Bardis, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos in AUEB FSDET 2008 Conference, Athens, GREECE
  • (ΝΕW) "Energy Profile Management based on web adaptive Algorithms and LBS Google Maps", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, George Bardis, Vassili Loumos in AUEB FSDET 2008 Conference, Athens, GREECE
  • (ΝΕW) "The new Philosophy of Energy Governance, based on modern Energy Information Systems", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, George Polymenopoulos in EnergyRes 2008 Conference/Exhibition, Athens GREECE
  • "AN INNOVATIVE WEB--BASED ENERGY INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR REA--TIME ENERGY DEMAND--SIDE MANAGEMENT USING LOCATION BASED SERVICES (LBS) OVER ADSL/3G NETWORKS", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, George Polymenopoulos, Vassili Loumos, George Ayeridis, October 2007 in Energy 2007 Conference, GREECE
  • "E-Learning Reliability Assessment Of Multiple Choice Test Data: Method Comparison And Reliability Quality Estimation", Ioanna Lykourentzou, George Bardis, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, AEA Europe, September in Stockholm, SWEEDEN
  • "Dynamic Reliability Assessment of Multiple Choice Tests in distributed E-Leaning Environments: A Case Study", Ioanna Lykourentzou, George Bardis, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, AIAI Conference 2007, September in Athens, GREECE
  • "Web-based energy information system for optimal bi-directional behavioural control of various energy customers using ADSL hypercubic clustering and internet services (emir system)", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, Power Systems Modeling Conference 2007, (PSM 2007), June in Athens GREECE
  • "DYNAMIC SIMULATION OF A STUDENT E-LEARNING PERFORMANCE PROFILE THROUGH WEB-BASED DATA-LOG MINING", Nikolaos Karadimas, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, George Mpardis, EuroSim 2007 Conference, Slovenia July
  • "A complete Ontological Model for effective web-based Energy Management through a Hypercubic Semantic Grid", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, 2nd Panhellenic Conference of PSDMH, May 2007, Athens GREECE
  • "A Web-based Information System for Optimal Energy Management", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, T.E.E. Energy Minimization Research Day 2006, Ac. of Sciences & NTUA
  • "A Web-based Information System for Optimal Energy Sources Mamagement through Ontologies and Hypercubic Clustering ", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, Energy 2006 International Conference, Athens Greece
  • "A Web-based system for optimal Energy Sources Management, through Ontlogies and Semantic Clustering", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, presented at the Technical Chamber of Greece Research Confernence, 2006
  • "eRMIONE, an e-learning Resource Management System", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, E.U. International Conference on Iformation Socieaty - ICT Riga 2006, Riga, Latvia
  • "A web-based statistical evaluation method for e-learning course susing student logs analysis", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Giorgos Mpardis, Vassili Loumos, Eleftherios Kayafas, ICIE 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinarity in Education, Athens 2006
  • "e-RMIONE an e-learning Resource Management Service for Constructing Interoperable Networks in the European Cultural Heritage Domain", Kostas Pazalos, Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Euripidis Loukis, Martin Ulmann, EDEN Network International Conference 2006, Vienna, Austria
  • "A new e-learning Resource Management Service for Interoperability Networks in the European Cultural Heritage Domain (eRMIONE)", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Martin Ulmann, Athena Thanou, International Conference on Information Communication Technology in Education, ICICTE 2006, Rhodes, Greece
  • "Web-based Interoperable Method for Accessing E-Learning Remote Repositories using directed XML-based Remote Procedure Calls", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Nikolaos Karadimas, Ioanna Lykourentzou, Giorgos Mpardis, Vassili Loumos, Eleftherios Kayafas, WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on COMMUNICATIONS, Issue 10, Volume 5, October 2006
  • "A web-based Energy Decision Support System for dynamic knowledge energy management and automatic intelligent reporting (EMIR)", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Vassili Loumos, Eleftherios Kayafas, ELSEVIER Decision Support Systems Journal, Under preparation
  • "A new approach for optimal knowledge extraction from heterogeneous web sources, using hypercubic clustering", Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Medialab NTUA 2005. White research paper at Medialab
Current & Past Projets
  • Leonardo RELIABLE Project (Medialab NTUA)
    R&D Manager in E-learning Data Mining and ROI Impact

  • IT Governance Expert (Changepoint ITG)
    Certified Process Consultant by Compuware

  • ChangePoint Certification (Intellisolutions SA)
    Certified Process Consultant by Compuware

  • Business Process Modeling (Intellisolutions SA)
    Senior Business Consultant (Compuware, QPR Scorecard Products)

  • Project MEDAS (GSRT & Archetypon SA)
    Project Management and Consultant

  • Project PRIAMOS (GSRT, AIT, Archetypon SA)
    Project Management and Consultant

  • Project Eur-Lex (European Dynamics SA)
    Project Management and Consultant

  • Project eRMIONE (European Dynamics SA)
    Project Management and Consultant

  • Project SEI-BUD (European Dynamics SA)
    Project Management and Consultant

  • Project B.E.L.I.E.V.E. (Medialab NTUA)
    Quality Manager for this R&D Project

  • Medialab e-Learning Information System (NTUA)
    Prooject Manager, analysis and development of full IS in Medialab

  • EMIR Energy Intelligence (NTUA)
    Responsible for EMIR development, conception and analysis

  • IDMR - Intelligent Management &Reporting (Profit SA)
    Creation of on-line Decision Support System (J2EE - Matlab)

My beautiful Studies
X99 and 2000 Promotion subjects for entrance at Ecole Polytechnique
  • Greek Army as a Signals Officer (Margot Engineer IR RADAR Specialist)
    8 months at Soufli !!! (2002-2004)

  • PhD Candidate at Medialab
    National Technical University of Athens, Greece (2004-today)

    Well, trying to become famous here..
    research in Data Bases, Data mining and optimal data management
    Elearning Administrator and Instructor of advanced seminars,
    e-learning organisation and consulting.
    Continuing Education projects, responsible e-learning
    and continuous learning administraton
My Prizes
  • University of Dundee [1996-2000]

    - Exempt grades (1997, 1998) in first 2 years (core subjects in maths, physics, engineering science) due to .high academic performance in the 1st and 2nd year class exams
    - Class Medal (1999) for best 3rd year student (rank 1st) after final degree examinations
    - British Association Prize for best 3rd year Engineering student within 3 Departments
    - British Association Scholarship for the annual Science Festival (Sheffield 1999)
    - Duff & Garland Prize (£100) for top academic performance (1999)
    - Class Medal (2000) for best 4th year Honours student (rank 1st) after final degree examinations
    - Prize of Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) in 2000 for best graduate Electrical Engineer and for best Honours project (final research diplomatic study)
    - Offered a PhD position with scholarship at Cambridge University, domain of Robust Control under Prof. Glover,.which I turned out...
    - Admitted for an MS and PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) dept. of EECS, which I turned out for .personal.reasons...
    - Admitted at Imperial College for an MSc and Diploma in Control Systems

  • Imperial College [2000-2001]
    - Overall average First Class for the final examinations (MSc and Diploma)

  • Ecole Polytechnique [2001-2002]
    - Receive full scholarship from the Fondation de l'Ecole Polytechnique due to top grades in Maths and Physics
    - Selected and admitted from the competitive international program for top European students in a Grande Ecole
    - Prepared and passed the "Concours" for entrance at the Ecole Polytechnique
    - Finished the final specialization year (Majeures) with a high average "Honorable"
    - Completed the research stage (memoire) with the highest mark "A"
    - Member of the International High IQ Society (top 5%) and Mensa France (top 2%)
  • Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE)
  • Greek Union of Communication and Informatics (SEPE)
  • Greek-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Hellenic Society of Computer Engineers & Informatics
  • Hellenic Society of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (HSEME)
  • Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
  • Institute of Measurement and Control (IMC)
  • British Computer Society (BCS)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Association "Anciens eleves internationaux" of Ecole Polytechnique
  • French Mathematical Society (SMF)
  • Association Francaise d'Intelligence Artificielle (AFIA)
  • Societe de l'Electricite et de l'Electronique de France (SEE)
  • International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
  • International high IQ Society USA (top 5%)
  • Mensa France (IQ Cattel range top 2%)
My academic Projects


  • C/C++ Programming of Client-Server programs for UDP packets for IP networks
  • Matlab - Simulink analysis and Control systems programming
  • Bridge construction & tension analysis-design in Engineering Science Course (1st yr)
  • VLSI Chip desing and Nanoengineering simulations and analysis
  • VLSI Chip construction and manufacturing process (Clean Room)
  • CASE Tools (Yourdon) analysis and O.O. desing for a Satellite Receiving Station
  • Novel Netware Network analysis and Dual boot setup process with NT Server
  • ACSL and Fortran simulations of flexible dynamical systems of distributed variables
  • Linux-Unix Script programming and Apache Server administration
  • Flexible Robotic analysis (Modal Expansion) using Euler-Bernoulli theory
  • Matlab Simulation of flexible structures for truncated dynamic models
  • PSPICE-EDWIN simulations of IC Circuits, Filters and Electronic Networks
  • Power Engineering and alternative sources (Hydroelectric Generation analysis)
  • Induction Heat Process and mathematical background (Electromagnetics)
  • CHP (Combined Heat and Power) analysis and network flow
  • Project on Frobenius and Leibnitz-Maclaurin power series methods for D.E.s
  • Project on Heat, Wave and Laplace equations (Partial DEs) (MathCad)

Imperial College...

  • Robust mathematical Control of an Inverted Pendulum dynamics
  • Random number generator of a probabilistic arithmetic-numerical algorithm
  • Surge Tank robust control using stochastic equations and Kalman filtering
  • Fuzzy Preference Relations (FPR) and rationality mathematical analysis
  • Amartia's Sen Social Choice theory using Fuzzy sets and Keneth Arrow
  • Matlab toolbox for Systems Identification and ARMA Estimation
  • H-infinity and sensitivity analysis of a HIMAT Aircraft
  • Non-linear matlab phase-plane analysis using Lyapunov equations (plus Popov)
  • Optimization analysis (C.Gradients, Newton,Armijo) for Rosenbrock function
  • Hamiltonian analysis using Co-states and Pontryagin optimality conditions
  • Process Control using Fortran to resolve the Tennessee-Eastman problem
  • Matlab simulation of Lanczos and Arnoldi methods for inverse balancing

London School of Economics...

  • Business Plan analysis
  • Break Even analysis, Cash Flow
  • Marketing theory

Ecole Polytechnique...

  • Unit root systems and Time Series analysis of Macro-economic data
  • ARIMA - SARIMA seasonal models and estimation theory
  • Asynchronous computability and K-set Agreement
  • Homology Groups and Simplicial complexes
  • The Simplex agreement and Matlab & Java simulation of the Participating Set Algorithm by Maurice Herlihy
  • Topological analysis of the Hypercube topology (Endomorphic study)
  • Matlab toolbox for the simulation of a Hypercubic network using Valiant stochastic Algorithm and Chernoff bound
  • Black & Scholes stochastic analysis, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck, Vasicek, Girsanov
  • Langevin Integral and Ito's Integral analysis (MathCad)
  • Stochastic spaces, Monte-Carlo and Markovian chains and Java analysis
  • NP-Complete Algorithmic problems mathematical analysis (Hamiltonian Circuits)

National Technical University of Athens (Medialab plus Intelen)...

  • Web-based DSS, J2EE, Matlab Server, Web services
  • Control Systems and Ambient Intelligence
  • Advanced Knowledge Engineering
  • Simplicial Complexes, Bending knowledge subspaces
  • Energy Information Systems (EMIR Project)
  • Optimization, Graph Theory, Duality, Topological aspects of Asynchronous Computability
  • Differential Topology of Computer Systems
  • Optimal Decision Systems and Stochastic Algorithms
  • Reasoning and differential Geometry
  • Network Optimization, Dynamic Programming
  • Time Series Modelling and Network Analysis
  • Flow, Couples, NP Problems, Algorithmic Analysis
  • Data Mining, Knowledge Engineering
  • Optimization of Data Base resources and optimal Data Base solutions
  • Apprlications of Data Base optimization
  • Complexity Theory on Project Management problems
  • E-learning Interoperability and Semantic Modelling
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