This site is under construction. Vehicle images are continuously added in the respective folders. The scope of this web

page is to provide a common test set to scientists engaged in LPR or related projects for algorithmic assessment. 

Please note that the file size in each category can be extremely big. Please be patient during the download process!!!

Alternatively, you can order (no charge) for a CD containing our sample images, providing your delivery address.

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For a small sample set of Vehicle images select this link: SAMPLE 1

For a small sample set of Vehicle Logo images select this link: LOGOS


Still images                                                      Extremely difficult cases                                Video (NEW) - VEHICLE MODEL RECOGNITION

Day (color images-small sample)  (5.6MB)         More than one vehicle   (3.3MB)

Day (gray scale images)   (4.7MB)                     Dirt and shadows  (70.1MB)

Day (images with blur)     (3.2MB)                     Shadows in plate   (7.6MB)

Day (with shadows)         (18.9MB)                   Tracks day           (11.4MB)

Day (close view)               (86.3MB)                  Tracks night          (10.0MB)

Day (color images-large sample)   (64.4MB)

Night capture (with external flash)  (0.5 MB)

IR camera capture